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Gigant Sound Provides Outline PA Rig For 2019 Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Arena in Poland outfitted with a system including 48 C-12 modules, 42 Superfly modules, approximately 60 Mantas boxes and more in support of live event.
A view of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest show in Poland.

Poland-based sound provider Gigant Sound/Letus designed and deployed a large-scale sound reinforcement system headed by Outline components for the 17th annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest show in November at the Gliwice Arena in southern Poland.

Pre-production began in early 2019. Initial scenography and lighting design drafts were produced in April, while the following months were spent on comparing and refining numerous approaches to the end result. The entire project, its design and deployment, delivered a show to both the 8,000 in attendance at the venue and millions of viewers in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Several challenges arose during the project, including the need to hang a tremendous amount of gear on the available rigging points, which were limited and also located asymmetrically in relation to the stage. Further, lighting and video had priority over sound reinforcement, with loudspeakers required to be strictly kept out of camera sightlines.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Outline-C-12-and-Superfly-line-source-systems-2-1024x683.jpg
Outline C-12 and Superfly line-source systems deployed for the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Poland.

The sound installation was divided into several sectors: stage, rehearsal room, press room, front of house and monitor stations. Outline loudspeakers were flown around the stage, including 48 C-12 and 42 Superfly modules. Approximately 60 Mantas boxes were also deployed (including for front fill), with low-end bolstered by 20 DBS 18-2 subwoofers. Outline’s Newton 16+8 FPGA processor managed all loudspeakers. 

Jerzy Taborowski, CEO of Gigant Sound/Letus, states,“The massive, precisely tuned and configured Outline sound system, coupled with our crew’s experience, enabled us to ensure the whole venue clear precise sound – a fact noted by all personnel on site. I received much praise and many thanks for great audio and an outstanding job by our crew members.”


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