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Gig Gear Now Offering Customization For Gig Gloves Line

Organizations now have option to personalize gloves when buying in bulk.

Gig Gear has announced it will now offer customization for its line of Gig Gloves, which are work gloves designed specifically for live production and entertainment professionals.

This new customization option allows audio equipment manufacturers, theatre and performance group,s and other organizations to put their logo — or any customized design — onto their Gig Gloves when buying in bulk. The minimum order for customized gloves is 200.

“Offering customization allows organizations to offer a personal touch for their crew while offering another avenue to get their company or group’s name out there,” says Danny Shatzkes, founder of Gig Gear. “Customized gloves make perfect giveaways, gifts or prizes.”

Gig Gloves are available in three models:

Original Gig Gloves that provide visibility of the hands in low-light environments; THERMO Gig Gloves that are fleece-lined for working on cold sets; and Gig Gloves ONYX, an all-black version for those who need to be discreet. All three variations are available for customization.

Gig Gloves complete protection on the back of the hands and palms, breathability for extended use to eliminate sweating, access to the first three fingers via fold-over fingertips for fine motor tasks, and touchscreen capability directly through the fabric.

All three versions of Gig Gloves come in 6 sizes (XS – XXL) and allow production professionals to keep their hands protected the entire time they are working without compromising on the ability to do their work.

Anyone interested in placing a customized order, can contact [email protected] with the word “Customize” in the subject line.

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