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The new Drop Stop Tool Tether from Gig Gear.

Gig Gear Introduces New Drop Stop Tool Tether

Designed to secure tools for AV professionals working at heights and joins the previously released Drop Stop Mobile Phone Tether that secures mobile devices.

Gig Gear has announced the addition of the Drop Stop Tool Tether to its Drop Stop line, comprised of a heavy-duty, stainless-steel locking carabiner and stainless-steel clip that make it well suited to prevent dropping heavy tools, such as a C-wrench, while working at heights.

On one end, theheavy-duty clip allows for quick on and off from any loop, such a belt loop or tool belt, while the carabiner securely attaches to your tools. An extra strength, coiled lanyard is designed to help ensure that all tools are always secured. When coiled, the Drop Stop Tool Tether is 15 centimeters long while it tretches well past a full arm’s length when uncoiled.

“As live events are now back in full swing, we’re excited to continue to offer theater, live production and AV professionals additional accessories that make their jobs more efficient, and, most important, more safe,” says Danny Shatzkes, founder of Gig Gear. “With the Tool Tether, we’re able to expand our Drop Stop line to secure professionals’ cell phones and tools.”

The Drop Stop Tool Tether joins the Drop Stop line alongside the previously released Mobile Phone Tethers, which were announced earlier this year. Available in black and Gig Gear’s signature yellow, the Drop Stop Mobile Phone Tethers offer stretchable coiled tether that securely attaches to a phone and case on one end and hooks onto any loop on the other end via carabiner, preventing the phone from accidentally falling, getting lost or damaged.

The Drop Stop Black complements other all-black crew dress and gear, making it a suitable accessory to go along with all other safety clothing and gear. The included carabiners ensure that the cell phone will stay secure and can attach to most items with a secure loop, including Gig Gear’s Two Hand Touch iPad Harness, designed specifically for remote mixing.

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