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Gibson Pro Audio Announces Video Series With Musicians, Engineers And Producers

In a featured interview for Cerwin-Vega, Scott Weiland talks about his life as a musician and coming up in the Southern California Music scene.

Gibson Pro Audio announces series of documentary-style interviews with respected musicians, engineers and producers using products from Cerwin-Vega, KRK and Les Paul monitors.

This project gives these respected and successful producers, engineers and musicians an opportunity to share their stories of the early days and what continues to inspire them with the student, journeyman and other professionals in the recording industry.

Among these is a featured video with Scott Weiland along with his producer and engineer of 20 years, Rocco Guarino.

A few months before his passing, he took some time to talk about his life as a musician and coming up in the Southern California Music scene.

Click here for the first of four interviews published with permission of Weiland’s widow Jamie.

Other videos in the KRK/Les Paul Monitor series include:
Ulrich Wild

Dave Jerden

Dave Jerden #2

Michael Wagner

Michael Wagner #2:

Dwayne Larring:

Dwayne Larring #2:

Don Was:

Don Was #2:

Stuart Brawley:

Stuart Brawley #2:

Mark Zwart:

More videos are available at Gibson’s YouTube channel.
Also visit YouTube channels for Cerwin-Vega and KRK.

The series will post new videos every week throughout 2106 on the Cerwin Vega, KRK and Gibson Facebook and You Tube channels.


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