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The Stereo Room at the Genelec Helsinki Experience Centre.

Genelec Opens Stockholm & Helsinki Experience Centres

Visitors in both locations can now receive advice on Genelec loudspeakers and take advantage of a quality critical listening environment, from stereo to immersive.

Genelec announced that it has added Stockholm, Sweden and Helsinki, Finland to its network of Experience Centres where visitors receive advice on Genelec loudspeakers and take advantage of a quality critical listening environment, from stereo to immersive.

The new locations join existing Genelec Experience Centres in Europe, America and Asia. Genelec states that it has long and close connections with both Stockholm and Helsinki and has developed its own teams in both cities over several years.

Hosted by Erik Skanderbeck and Patrick Lundin from Genelec’s Swedish team, the Stockholm Experience Centre is based near the city center on the former site of the Park Studios complex. Skanderbeck and Lundin oversaw the upgrading of the infrastructure and the modernization of the IT/AV technology throughout plus the installation of energy-saving Smart building technology.

The Stockholm location is divided into five distinct zones, including the flagship 7.1.4 immersive Boman Room, the stereo environments of the Saltgruvan and Berg Rooms, the large Live Room, and the Lobby Area for AV system demonstrations. The rooms are equipped throughout with a selection of Genelec smart active loudspeakers and subwoofers, all optimized using GLM calibration software. Additionally, the Lobby Area is outfitted with a selection of Genelec Smart IP and 4000 series installation loudspeakers. A variety of sound sources, from DAWs to streaming devices and music servers, allows customers to audition the systems in a variety of ways.

Overseen by Genelec’s Anders Nyman, the Helsinki Experience Centre is centrally located in the 19th century building that also hosts Genelec’s Helsinki offices and Artist Room. It offers two critical listening spaces – one with a 7.1.4 immersive system based around The Ones three-way coaxial studio loudspeakers, and the other with a selection of stereo units, including the 1234A main studio loudspeaker models.

As in Stockholm, the Helsinki loudspeaker systems are all calibrated with GLM software, and a variety of sound sources allows visitors to audition the loudspeakers with a choice of commercial content or their own individual projects.

Genelec Nordic sales director Mikko Tuomi states, “These Nordic Experience Centres offer customers the perfect opportunity to audition our loudspeaker systems in a controlled, high quality listening environment, and get expert personal advice in a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. We’ve particularly seen a rapid increase in customers wanting to experience immersive audio and learn more about the opportunities it presents, so these facilities complement our dealer’s efforts, bringing us even closer to our local customers through education and the appreciation of fine audio performance.”

Go here to find out more about Genelec Experience Centres and to make an appointment.


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