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G Livelab Opens New Venue With Genelec Smart IP Loudspeakers

PoE (Power over Ehternet) capabilities simplify installation while delivering sound quality and SPL the Finnish venue requires.
A look inside the new venue in Tampere

G Livelab has opened a venue in the city of Tampere, some 200km north of the Finnish capital, equipped with Genelec audio systems including the new 4430 Smart IP loudspeaker.

Housed in a red brick building which was formerly the boiler house of the Frenckell paper mill in the heart of the city, the venue hosts up to 250 people and offers a varied programme including jazz, folk, world music, pop/rock, chamber music, electronic music and more. Akukon Oy designed the acoustics, electroacoustics, lighting, sound, video, communication systems and basic IT structure as well as the rigging systems. Nordic AV integrator, Bright – another member of the Helsinki team – brought Akukon’s vision to life.

“We definitely wanted the new 4430s for easier cabling and added control; it’s opened up a world of possibilities for us,” admits Sipilä. “We have a fully networked system running on Dante – this includes the big loudspeakers used for the main PA – and any of the 4430s can take any signal from anywhere. This means that we can use the same loudspeakers for virtual acoustics, surround sound, background music, delays… the possibilities are endless, and it’s enabled us to considerably reduce the total amount of loudspeakers required in order to achieve what we wanted. We are able to make art with loudspeakers and we are not limited in any way in terms of how we can use the system.”

Sipilä also noted the PoE (Power over Ethernet) capabilities of the 4430s. “We were astonished by the SPLs and sound quality from this size of loudspeaker over PoE. The ability to have everything delivered over just a single cable is every installer’s dream.”

A look from above in the new venue

In addition to the 4430s, the main PA system comprises a pair of 1236 SAM studio monitors, seventeen S360s for surround and delay, a pair of 1238s as the first delay line, and finally a flown sub array of nine 7380 subwoofers. “We didn’t have either the height or the space to include subs in Helsinki, so this is a welcome addition in Tampere which gives us some extra headroom in the system and helps add body and fullness to the sound,” adds Sipalä.

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