Funktion-One Evolution Series Launches At Prolight + Sound

Funktion-One has launched the new Evolution Series at Prolight + Sound Frankfurt 2015. The loudspeaker manufacturer introduced the Evolution 6E and Evolution 7E to distributors and visitors at the international tradeshow, which is likely to attract around 60,000 attendees. Both models are ground-stacked members of the Evolution Series, with touring versions coming later this year.

The Evo 6E and Evo 7E are both fully horn-loaded with 15in mid-bass, 10in Funktion-One signature midrange and a 1.4 inch compression driver solely for high frequencies above 4kHz. The Evo 7E has a 30-degree horizontal dispersion angle and high efficiency, so just three wide gives 90-degree horizontal coverage for crowd sizes up to around 2,500 people. The Evo 6E has the same cabinet height and width as the Evo 7E but with a wider, 45-degree horizontal dispersion, for mid-scale live and EDM events, as well as for installations.

Commenting on the new additions to the Funktion-One product range, company founder Tony Andrews said: “In the last couple of years we’ve discovered some new technology, which has led to a really productive period of development. We’ve found a way of delivering more intensity without distortion. One of the things to come out of that is the Evolution Series.”

During development last year, Evo 7Es were used on the main stage at Boom Festival in Portugal (eight-per-side) for a crowd size of around 20,000 people.

Solution One’s Chris Hawkes, who oversaw the deployment of the Evo 7Es at Boom, said: “We were using much fewer boxes but in a bigger space than previous years. Naturally, we wondered whether the 16 Evo 7Es would be enough but any concerns were abated when we heard this sensational, warm, immersive sound. What was especially notable was the improved coverage, both the evenness and throw. Basically, the Evo gives more of the Funktion-One performance characteristics from an easier to implement system. It was an instant hit with both the organisers and the public.”

The Evolution Series will be bolstered with the addition of a full touring version of the Evo 7, featuring a built-in flying and linking system. Funktion-One is also making other Evo configurations available, such as the two-wide Evo72EH and three-wide Evo73EH mid-high enclosures.


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