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Fulcrum Acoustic Unveils Two New Loudspeaker Families

New AH and GX Series offer compact, coaxial designs

Fulcrum Acoustic has introduced two new families of loudspeakers, the AH and GX Series.

The AH Series currently includes two compact, coaxial, 2-way models, and is expected to expand in the near future.

Both AH models incorporate proprietary Compression Head horn architecture that enhances low-frequency loading to their twin 10-inch low-frequency drivers, as well as a pair of proprietary Oculus phase plugs that extend the high-frequency response of the 10-inch drivers so that it smoothly meshes with that of the 4-inch-diaphragm compression driver.

The AH65 provides 60- by 45-degree dispersion with control to below 400 Hz and low-frequency extension to 94 Hz, while the AH96 offers 90- by 60-degree dispersion with control to below 300 Hz and low-frequency extension to 94 Hz.

The 45-degree trapezoidal shape of the AH65 allows it to be deployed with its trapezoidal profile vertically oriented for stand-alone use, in distributed systems, or in vertical arrays.

Both models measure 32 inches (h) by 32 inches (w), with the AH65 measuring 27.7 inches deep and the AH96 measuring 21.3 inches deep. Connectors are dual Neutrik NL4 Speakon, with terminal strip inputs offered as an option.

Cabinets include 16 M10 eye-bolt angle points and are available in black or white finish.

The new GX Series launches with six 2-way models – GX1295, GX1265, GX1277, GX1595, GX1565, and GX1577. This line of 12- and 15-inch coaxial designs is based on ferrite magnet coaxes and is characterized by traditional trapezoidal enclosures that provide LF extension.

The single ceramic-magnet coaxial transducers of the GX Series models can be rotated, allowing coverage to be tailored to an application’s requirements. The GX1295’s enclosure 40-degree trapezoidal angle allows it to be mounted near walls or ceilings with minimal effect on sight lines.

As with the AH Series, all GX Series models are outfitted with dual Neutrik NL4 Speakon connectors, with terminal strip inputs offered as an option. Cabinets include 12 M10 eye bolt angle points and two M10 yoke points, with a U bracket available as an option. Standard colors are black and white.

All AH and GX Series models are also available in weather-resistant enclosures.

Fulcrum Acoustic

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