Fulcrum Acoustic Releases DF4 Dual High-Frequency Horn Loudspeaker

Incorporates dual 4-inch-diaphragm neodymium compression drivers and designed to provide supplemental high-frequency coverage to areas shaded by obstructions.
The new Fulcrum Acoustic new DF4 dual high-frequency horn loudspeaker.

Fulcrum Acoustic has announced the release of the new DF4 dual high-frequency horn, a spot fill loudspeaker designed to offer supplemental high-frequency coverage to areas shaded by obstructions.

It incorporates dual 4-inch-diaphragm high-frequency neodymium compression drivers stated to be capable of delivering very high output for long-throw applications. Proprietary TQ processing is designed to improve sonic character, bolstering clarity and a more transient response, even at higher sound pressure levels.

Two models are offered: the DF443 (45- x 30-degree dispersion) and the DF463 (60- x 30-degree dispersion). Stated frequency response is 320 Hz to 20 kHz and maximum SPL is 149 dB/143 dB (peak/continuous).

Enclosures are available in black or white as standard, and custom colors are also offered. They are outfitted with four M10 x 1.5 eye bolt angle points, two M10 x 1.5 yoke points and a M10 x 1.5 pull back point. An optional yoke bracket is also offered.

Fulcrum Acoustic