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Fulcrum Acoustic Provides Point Of Reference For Casa Croftorius Studios

New studio outside Orlando equipped with vintage gear, complemented with RM22ac self-powered, dual 12-inch coaxial reference monitors.

Bobby Croft’s long and storied musical career includes playing bass with The Derek Trucks Band, and with his longtime friend and rock legend Gregg Allman. Performing on stage since age 9, Croft began producing and recording when he was 20, and has been at it ever since.

Working on the other side of the sound board, Croft has become a sought-after producer and recording engineer, valued for his musical ideas and technical chops. Croft’s Casa Croftorius Studios on his 30-acre farm outside of Orlando, Florida is a showcase for audio technology ranging from his collection of vintage recording gear to Fulcrum Acoustic‘s RM Series 3-way coaxial reference monitors.

Incorporating bass solos into Gregg Allman’s shows earned Croft the nickname Bobbo Croftorius (a play on Jaco Pastorius), and the name stuck.

Croft needed the accuracy, pristine imaging and precise transient response required of a studio monitor but with the directional control, power handling and output capability required for his new larger control room.

Croft chose two Fulcrum RM22ac self-powered, dual 12-inch coaxial reference monitors for his new studio. “Fulcrum has the only reference monitors I’ve ever heard that maintain their tonal characteristics up and down the volume scale,” explains Croft. “At lower volumes they sound exactly the same only softer, so I’m no longer tempted to turn on little monitors or subwoofers.”

Fulcrum’s Temporal Equalization (TQ) processing is an integral part of the RM Series design which represents a modern DSP-aware update to traditional horn-loaded coaxial monitors.

“With Fulcrum’s on-board DSP and Powersoft amplification, the sound is always clear and easy to listen to which is important as I can work for 12 hours straight,” says Croft. “The vintage recording consoles, tape recorders and mics at Casa Croftorius add sonic warmth and character, and are game-changing products which have stood the test of time. I can envision Fulcrum’s technology-driven loudspeakers being similarly coveted and cherished for years to come for their pristine sound.”

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