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A perspective Landon Arena at Stormont Vail Events Center in Topeka, which has been equipped with Fulcrum Acoustic FH15 loudspeakers in an upgraded system designed by Avant Acoustics.

Fulcrum Acoustic Meets Sonic & Aesthetic Requirements For New System At Arena In Kansas

A distributed approach utilizing FH15 coaxial horn loudspeakers deployed by Avant Acoustics for broadband pattern control at 7,000-seat Landon Arena in Topeka.

The Landon Arena at Stormont Vail Events Center in Topeka, a 7,000-seat multipurpose venue that has hosted sporting events that include basketball and hockey games since it was constructed in the 1980s, has recently been renovated in a project that includes a new sound reinforcement system in a design by Avant Acoustics (based in Lenexa, KS) that utilizes Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeakers.

Specifically, Avant Acoustics chose Fulcrum FH15 full-range coaxial horn loudspeakers for broadband pattern control to help avoid interference caused by the room reflections. “We considered a system of distributed line arrays, but that would have been cost prohibitive, as would adding acoustical treatment,” explains designer John Hodgson. “We knew that Fulcrum’s FH series would provide the level of audio quality and clarity that was required even in the absence of additional acoustical treatment for the room. We listened to a demo of the new FH loudspeakers and knew they were the best point source option for the project.”

The new video board installation prevented the loudspeakers from being placed in the center for aesthetic and weight reasons. To work around this, Avant Acoustic designed the FH15s in six separate arrays of three around the arena to cover the stands and to fire back at the arena floor. “Often when we design point source arrays, we struggle to get them in an acoustically appropriate arrangement due to interference,” says Hodgson. “The FH arrays very well due to its pattern control and coaxial design. The intelligibility of the new system is great for such a reverberant space.”

In addition, Fulcrum CX15 compact coaxial loudspeakers are deployed for upper balcony coverage. “The broad pattern of the CX1526 was an ideal fill for the balcony spaces at the ends of the arena,” Hodgson concludes. “They were a perfect choice since these produce the same high fidelity as the FH but don’t require the long throw.”

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