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Fulcrum FL283T line arrays flanking the stage in the auditorium at Boyne City high school in Michigan.

Fulcrum Acoustic Key To New System Serving Michigan High School Auditorium

Design by Hamilton AV at Boyne City high school incorporates dual FL283T line arrays as mains joined by CS218L subwoofers in project requiring directional output control.

The auditorium at Boyne City (Michigan) high school was recently outfitted with a new sound reinforcement system utilizing Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeakers and subwoofers in a project headed by design firm Hamilton AV, based in western Michigan.

The new system is designed to meet the stated goals of school officials to supply consistent coverage and high-fidelity sound while maintaining clear sight lines to the stage. The positioning of the loudspeakers require broad band directional control to keep low-frequency energy from reflecting off the walls and building up on the stage.

Company principal Tim Hamilton’s sound design employs two arrays of seven FL283T dual 8-inch subcardioid modules as mains, with installer Division 16 Technologies (Caledonia, MI) flying them on the sides of the stage. “The FL283T delivers the consistent coverage and ‘in-your-face’ sound without the need for delay speakers,” says Hamilton. “This was essential to the project as the administrators did not want loudspeakers to interfere with the lighting or distract from the stage.”

The full-range loudspeakers are joined by CS218L dual 18-inch subcardioid subwoofers on the floor, positioned sideways to minimize visual impact. “I’m happy Fulcrum Acoustic incorporated their Passive Cardioid technology into their low-profile subwoofers,” Hamilton notes. “It was a good fit for this project.

“An active cardioid array would require more equipment, which they wanted to avoid for this project,” he concludes. “They wanted the simplest system they could find and Fulcrum Acoustic helped me deliver.”

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