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Fulcrum Acoustic FH Series coaxial horns delivering coverage at Polar Park in Worcester, MA.

Fulcrum Acoustic Delivers The Coverage At New Home Of The Worcester Red Sox

FH Series loudspeakers deliver the primary coverage in a system implemented by WJHW and Central Communications at Polar Park in Massachusetts.

Polar Park, the new 9,500-capacity home stadium of the Triple A franchise of the Boston Red Sox, has been equipped sith a sound reinforcement system utilizing Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeakers in a design by WJHW (Dallas) that was installed by Central Communications Systems (Hudson, MA).

The primary goals for the system were to provide full-range output with an emphasis on speech intelligibility. Helping to accomplish those goala are seventeen Fulcrum Acoustic FH1566 full-range coaxial horns that Central Communications mounted along the venue’s sunshade that wraps around the stands from first to third base.

The loudspeakers are designed to produce high output using a single amplifier channel, creating an efficient method of providing coverage to the lower level of seating within the bowl. In addition, the coaxial design is intended to help deliver broadband pattern control to contain sound within the stadium and focus coverage directly on the audience.

Three additional FH1565 loudspeakers deliver coverage to left field lawn seating from their position above the scoreboard, while compact loudspeakers from Fulcrum’s CX Series deliver coverage to handicap zones and bar seating shaded by the overhang of box seats above.

“Fulcrum Acoustic’s FH is easy to power and offers great low frequency response,” says Vin Maiuri of Central Communications. “Polar Park wanted full range sound from their system and the FHs are more than enough to make the stadium come alive.”

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