Fulcrum Acoustic Debuts Level 1 TQ Processor

Fulcrum Acoustic has announced two new additions to its pro-audio family—the TQP 48, the company’s first and only signal processor—and the FA22ac, a new addition to Fulcrum’s portable FA speaker series.

The TQP48 is Fulcrum’s first signal processor. Featuring 4 inputs and 8 outputs, it is designed to offer full support with Fulcrum Acoustics’ FIR-based, Level 1 Temporal Equalization (TQ) loudspeaker settings. Fulcrum speakers tuned to Level 1 yield their best performance, providing exceptional audio clarity and a less fatiguing listening experience at high SPLs.

The TQP-48’s DSP utilizes multiple SHARC 32-bit processors. Processing blocks include an 8 x 8 matrix mixer, a full array of graphic and parametric equalization, multiple crossover filter types, FIR Filters, compressors, matrix duckers, limiters, frequency-keyed noise gates, delays of up to 1365 ms on every channel, and signal generators.

The FA22ac adds a second 3-way multi-purpose speaker to Fulcrum’s FA series, and features onboard amplification and DSP from Powersoft. The FA22ac contains a dual 12” coax system, and in keeping with the FA range, the FA22ac offers a combination of high performance and portability. The FA22ac weighs only 60lbs, can be pole or yoke mounted or used as a floor monitor and easily used in either a vertical or horizontal orientation.

Fulcrum Acoustic

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