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Fulcrum Acoustic Chosen for CycleBar Studios

Platinum SLV designs sound system packages for indoor cycling franchises with GX1226 12-inch coaxial loudspeakers to deliver music and instructor motivation.

CycleBar is a national franchise of Premium Indoor Cycling studios self-described as “part sanctuary, part rock concert.” Their studios create an immersive multi-sensory experience with pedal-pumping music to motivate riders to reach their fitness goals. CycleBar tasked Dallas-based integrator Platinum SLV with designing and installing audio, video and lighting systems to get their new franchises swiftly up to speed and spinning.

The challenge in crafting a audio solution for CycleBar’s franchises was to create a reliable, compact sound system with the output capability, high fidelity, and targeted extra-wide horizontal coverage to energize each new indoor cycling studio from wall to wall. Platinum SLV president Cory Drake designed a sound system package for CycleBar franchises that includes Fulcrum Acoustic GX1226 12-inch coaxial loudspeakers driven by rack mounted amplification and digital signal processing.

Fulcrum’s GX Series loudspeakers provide the output capability and pattern control of a conventional premium two-way system, but with the directional consistency and crisp transient response that only a coaxial transducer can produce. All Fulcrum coaxial transducers are designed with proprietary Temporal Equalization (TQ) technology to eliminate horn reflections and other artifacts.

Drake explains, “Power, clarity and pattern control are all critical for this application. Fulcrum Acoustic’s GX1226 loudspeakers provide the required high output and intelligibility, along with a 120° x 60° dispersion that is a perfect match to deliver high-energy music and instructor motivation evenly to up to 55 stationary cyclists throughout tiered CycleTheatres.”

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