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Fulcrum Acoustic Announces DNA Systems As Distributor For Greece

Nafplio-based firm handling Fulcrum’s full line of loudspeaker products in campaign to expand the reach of the company's European distribution.

Fulcrum Acoustic has appointed Nafplio-based DNA Systems as its new distributor of its full line of loudspeaker products in Greece, part of a larger campaign that expands the reach of the company’s European distribution as it continues to grow in the region.

“We began a concerted effort to expand our European distribution network before the start of the COVID Pandemic,” says Fulcrum Acoustic president and co-founder Stephen Siegel. “We’re happy to add DNA Systems to the growing list of Fulcrum Acoustic distributors.”

“Fulcrum Acoustic has developed unique technologies that allow for innovative solutions,” adds Vaggelis Iakovidis, technical director and sales manager at DNA Systems. “Their products provide very high performance and are compact in size, making them suitable for a wide variety of applications. We are excited for the opportunity to present Fulcrum Acoustic products to our customers.”

DNA Systems can be reached at [email protected].

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