Frankfurt Opera Selects Studer Vista X Digital Console

The Frankfurt Opera recently added a new Harman Studer Vista X digital console for use in its opera house.

The console surface is equipped with 32 faders and is built for an extension of 10 more faders.

With the new console, approximately 400 DSP channels can be processed, optionally in 48 or 96 kHz.

The Vista X Infinity was initially installed in the recording studio of the Frankfurt Opera, where it could be set up without time constraints and in line with the needs posed by the Frankfurt Opera’s performance schedules.

This also allowed for easy transfer of show files from the Opera’s previous console to the new Vista X.

The move to the opera house completes during the theatre’s summer recess.

Peter Tobiasch, head of the Sound Department of Frankfurt Opera, said, “We were quickly impressed by the Vista X and its capabilities optimally accommodate our performance operations. Thus, we will be able to use the console both for live performances and for in-house productions in 96kHz. What we also found very accommodating was the redundancy of the Studer system, which is an absolute must for us in our live performance operations: apart from the power supplies and the system cabling, it is equipped with a completely redundant engine. This gives us the security we require as a matter of necessity during the daily performances.”

Apart from the Vista X console, a Studer Compact Remote Bay was also delivered. In addition to a large touchscreen, the Compact Remote also offers a set of rotary encoders and a total of 12 faders, allowing access to all channels and settings of the master console. When required, the Compact Remote can be positioned as an extension to the master console. In can also serve as a slave console in the hall or on stage.

In combination with the Infinity Core, the Studer Vista X offers the highest degree of performance and satisfies maximum redundancy demands. The use of the latest technologies and interfaces guarantee security of investment with regard to future expansion. These parameters are essential for demanding performance operations, such as those found at the Frankfurt Opera.

The “Städtischen Bühnen Frankfurt” (Municipal Theatres of Frankfurt) is the largest municipal theatre operation in Germany and consists of two artistic disciplines: the opera and theatrical performances.

Frankfurt Opera was awarded the prize as opera house of the year by Opernwelt magazine in 1995, 1996 and 2003. Since 1951, Frankfurt Opera has had its venue at the Willy-Brandt-Platz, the former Theaterplatz.


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