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Four Biamp Conference Room Bundles Certified For Microsoft Teams

Each bundle includes Parlé Beamtracking mics for tabletops and/or ceilings along with all equipment needed to build a quality audio experience in Teams Rooms-equipped spaces.
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Elements in the Biamp bundles certified for Microsoft Teams Rooms.

Biamp has announced that four new conference room audio bundles have been certified for Microsoft Teams, with each bundle including Parlé Beamtracking microphones for tabletops and/or ceilings, along with all the audio equipment needed to build a quality audio experience in Teams Rooms-equipped spaces.

“Biamp’s new bundles certified for Microsoft Teams lets users enjoy the extraordinary audio quality Biamp is known for with full confidence they meet Microsoft’s stringent requirements for Teams Rooms compatibility and performance,” says Joe Andrulis, executive vice president of corporate development, Biamp. “These complete solutions make getting crystal clear communications faster and more efficient than ever for enterprises using Teams Rooms — even in large and challenging meeting spaces.”

Parlé microphones use patented Beamtracking technology and are designed to track and intelligently mix conversations from around a room. The complete bundles include an room deployment tool, meaning integrators don’t even need to open up the Tesira software platform if they don’t wish to.

“Microsoft Teams Rooms for all room sizes need to be easy to setup, and provide the best audio experience possible for people in the room and working remotely,” says Albert Kooiman, Director of Microsoft Teams Devices Partner Engineering and Certification, Microsoft Corp., “Biamp’s audio bundles, now certified for Microsoft Teams, offer our customers a complete audio ecosystem across a range of spaces.”

Four new bundles are available for medium and large Teams Rooms spaces, with a choice of ceiling or table microphones. Each bundle contains a TesiraFORTÉ DSP, TesiraCONNECT, Tesira EX-UBT, and the appropriate quantity of Parlé microphones and Desono C-IC6 loudspeakers for the room size. The bundles also utilize Biamp’s PoE-powered amplifiers with Burst Mode Technology and include all necessary mounting accessories and category cabling.

Go here to learn more about Biamp’s audio bundles certified for Microsoft Teams.


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