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FOH Productions Deploys RCF Line Arrays In Upgrade At Texas High School Gym

FOH Productions implements new system utilizing HDL 6-A line array modules flown in two hangs, one for each section - visitor and home - along with four flown HDL 38-AS subwoofers.
RCF Loudspeakers
A perspective of the gym at Princeton High School with coverage by RCF line arrays implemented by FOH Productions.

A 2,000-seat competition gymnasium at Princeton (TX) High School has been outfitted with a sound reinforcement upgrade by FOH Productions (also of Princeton) that’s headed by RCF line arrays to serve sporting events as well as guest speakers, musical performances, and other events.

FOH Productions began a design process in consultation with RCF USA to incorporate a solution that would produce the desired fidelity and coverage. Once the design was finalized and the school board gave approval, FOH began the installation.

Dual RFC arrays, one for each side of the gym.

The system, tuned by RCF system specialist Zach Anthony, is comprised of 28 HDL 6-A line array modules, flown in two hangs, one for each section, visitor and home, along four flown HDL 38-AS subwoofers and a pair of C Series loudspeakers for court down fill.

“The team at FOH was able to get the system installed ahead of schedule and on budget,” says David Vincent, director of technology at Princeton High School. “The clarity and depth of the RCF system is incredible. I have heard bigger sound systems [in other school gymnasiums] not sound this good! I look forward to more projects with FOH and RCF in the future. The system is amazing.”

Brycen Welborn (left) and Bob McClure of FOH Productions onsite at the gym.

“We have complete confidence in the RCF brand,” adds Brycen Welborn, vice president and co-owner of FOH Productions. “RCF has a solution for every application, and we know they [RCF USA] are always available to assist and offer support after the sale, and the installation. We’ve known for years that the product sounds great.”

FOH Productions

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