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Focusrite Launches New iTrack Studio For Recording Music On iPad

Also offers full Mac and Windows compatibility

Focusrite has announced the launch of iTrack Studio, a complete system for recording music on Apple iPad (or Mac/Windows computer).

Based around Focusrite’s iTrack Solo – a 2-input, 2-output computer audio interface incorporating the company’s mic preamp technology – the iTrack Studio kit includes closed-back monitor headphones, a studio-quality condenser microphone with included XLR mic cable, and a long 30-pin device link cable to connect the interface to the iPad.

Record both channels to Tape by Focusrite, a free new app available Autumn 2013 from the App Store.

iTrack Studio includes Focusrite’s metal-cased iTrack Solo, with dual inputs for recording instrument and vocals simultaneously. Dual outputs drive monitors and the included headphones for an accurate impression of what’s being recorded. Audio quality ranges up to 24-bit, 96 kHz.

The packages comes with a 30-pin device link cable for connection to an iPad and can be connected to iPad 4 and iPad mini via an inexpensive lightning adapter – it can also connect via USB to a Windows or Mac computer.

The included CM25S condenser microphone is styled to match the interface and comes with an XLR mic cable. The HP60S monitor headphones have a closed-back design to effectively isolate the listener from the external environment.

Use iTrack Studio with Tape by Focusrite, the free app for iPad, as well as Garageband, Cubasis, or any number of existing iPad recording apps.

Availability is September, 2013. MSRP is $249.99, $199.99 at dealers.


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