First Baptist Church At The Mall Standardizes With Nine Soundcraft Si Expression Consoles

Consoles are being used in classrooms, chapel, children's ministry and youth ministries

Building on its successful relationship with Harman Professional’s Studer over the past year, the First Baptist Church at the Mall in Lakeland, FL, recently upgraded with nine Soundcraft Si Expression digital consoles in time for the church’s fall season.

The consoles are being used in several areas throughout the church’s property, including the classrooms, chapel, the children’s ministry and youth ministries.

Of the nine Si Expression consoles the church now owns, five are Si Expression 3, three are Si Expression 1 and one is a Si Expression 2.

“We wanted to standardize on the same console throughout these different spaces,” explains Daniel Livingston, program technology supervisor at the Church at the Mall. “Since we rely on a number of volunteers to operate the technology, we wanted them to have the same level of familiarity with every console.

“We also can save settings from one console to a USB drive and copy that to another console, which is a huge advantage.”

As with any house of worship that relies on volunteer technical operators, ease of use was a top priority when choosing a digital console. “The Si Expression consoles are very easy to operate and the volunteers already love working with them,” Livingston notes. “Once a volunteer learns on one of them, he/she can use the Si Expression console in any other room.”

Livingston adds that the existing relationship with Studer—the church purchased a Vista 5 M2 for front-of-house and monitor mixing in its main worship space in 2012—was a factor in the decision to purchase the Soundcraft Si Expression consoles.

“We have had success with the Vista 5 M2 and the fact that the Compact Stagebox can be interchanged between Studer and Soundcraft consoles was a benefit as well,” he says. “Of course, the affordability of the Si Expression was also attractive and frankly, they sound a lot better than I would have expected at that price point.”

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