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Finland’s E-Studio Invests In A Neve Genesys Black Console

With 80 inputs and Recall across all 40 channels, large-format digital-controlled analog desk is designed to deliver workflow benefits, especially on large recording sessions.
Jyri Riikonen at the controls of E-Studio's new Neve Genesys Black G80 console.

E-Studio, one of Finland’s leading recording facilities, recently replaced the old desk in its main control room with a large Neve Genesys Black G80 analog console.

Located in Sipoo, a 30-minute drive from the center of Helsinki, E-Studio often attracts large recording sessions and therefore needed a console with plenty of inputs and a high channel count. According to Jyri Riikonen, senior sound engineer and studio manager at for the studio, the Genesys Black G80 was the choice because it offers 80 inputs at mixdown and 40 input channels, each with 1073 preamps.

“Working on a large-format analog console is a must for big recording sessions, and when you combine that with the really amazing sounding of 40 channels of 1073 preamps and 1084 EQs, you have a great place to start any session,” Riikonen says. “We also like having the ability to save individual analogue channel strips and recall them in an instant. That makes a big difference to how fast we can set up a session.”

Since installing the Genesys Black, E-Studio has hosted a number of recording sessions and Riikonen says clients have been pleased with the console’s distinctive sound. Hands-on DAW control and connectivity is another benefit, he add. “Being able to save and automate the analogue channel strip into the DAW via the GenesysControl plugin is just amazing. The DAW fader section and transport helps a lot, too – and the plugin integration is really good.”

Founded in 2004, E-Studio was rebuilt in 2018 when it moved from Helsinki to Sipoo. It has four control rooms and a large 120m2 live room (with three isolation booths), which is easily big enough to accommodate an orchestra. Residential accommodation is available and clients also have access to a separate sauna house that can be used for additional accommodation and as a workspace.

Designed by acoustician Kimpi Huisma, E-Studio describes its live room as another instrument because reverberation can be adjusted to suit the demands of the project. The interior, designed by architect Oona Masso, has a modern, quiet ambience with plenty of natural light.

“We handle a wide range of projects, from recording, mixing and mastering through to creating audio for computer games, commercials and film,” Riikonen concludes. “Our facilities suit large and small projects and our client’s range for individual artists to big record labels and from indie movies and games to triple A game studios.”

The studio is currently being used to record an album for the Von Hertzen Brothers, with Riikonen manning the Genesys Black controls. Other recent clients have included Michael Monroe, J.Karjalainen, UMO, Rovio Entertainment LTD, Amorphis, KXP, Verneri Pohjola and Lenny Pickett.

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