Fiedler Audio Announces Spacelab Version 1.1 & Summer Sale For Spacelab Ignition

First major update of the plugin includes new features that include Source Volume, two additional Spaces, Beam Gain Default, Dolby Atmos templates for Logic Pro X and Cubase 12, and more.
New Spacelab Interstellar 1.1.0 and Spacelab Ignition 1.1.1 from Fiedler Audio are now available.

Germany-based Fiedler Audio has announced the immediate availability of Spacelab Interstellar 1.1.0 and Spacelab Ignition 1.1.1, the first major update of its Spacelab reverb, 3D-panning and spatialization plugin that’s available now for download from the company website (here).

Both Spacelab Interstellar and Ignition include:

— Source Volume. The volume of each object source can now be controlled with a new parameter called Volume from inside Spacelab, designed to help speed up the spatial mixing workflow.

— REO Spaces. The internal binauralizer of Spacelab now offers three “space” modes, with Space – R, Space – E and Space – O offering different overall tonal characters. (Space – R) is the setting compatible with previous versions of Spacelab.) The new modes offer a choice for attaining optimum room response for monitoring and binaural production.

— Fixed for Pro Tools. Spacelab Beam does not receive the correct time information from Pro Tools during playback. When other plugins with latency are on the same track in insert slots before Beam, this issue leads to tracks losing synch. To remedy this, the latency value now can be put manually in the about screen of Spacelab Beam in Pro Tools.

— Set Default Beam Gain. Users now can define a default value for the Beam Gain in the Spacelab Beam plugin — just open the About Screen and type in the desired default level.

— From Spacelab direct to Dolby Atmos. To streamline the process of delivering a project in the Dolby Atmos format, template projects for Logix Pro X and Cubase 12 are now available. (The company states that additional templates for other DAWs will be coming soon.)

Fiedler Audio has also announced the Spacelab Ignition Summer Sale — until August 31, 2022, Spacelab Ignition is available from the company website for €149 (Euro) and $169 (USD). The update is available free — here — to all registered owners of Spacelab Interstellar and Ignition.

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