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FBT Introduces Qube QSA 112.0A Active Constant Curvature Line Array Loudspeaker

FBT is pleased to announce the addition of the QSA 112.0A to its Qube professional line array series.

FBT is pleased to announce the addition of the QSA 112.0A to its Qube professional line array series. 

Designed for bigger line array systems, the QSA 112.0A is ideal for J-array configured systems and throws out an impressive SPL to cover long distances.

A compact 2-way active line array speaker system, the QSA 112.0A features a B&C 12-inch high excursion LF driver and three x 1-inch exit (1.7-inch voice coil) HF drivers, all with neodymium magnets and coupled to three waveguides to provide 100 degree horizontal and 5 degree vertical dispersion.

A bi-amped speaker system, the QSA 112.0A features a 1100W Class D amplifier for the LF and a 300W Class G for the HF. 

For set up, the QSA 112.0A has easily accessible dipswitches with factory pre-sets to set the EQ contour for each venue as well as a second set of dipswitches that provide eight different delay settings. 

Additional features include: Gain adjustment from – 9dB to + 3 dB, four LEDs to indicate operation status, ground lift switch, balanced XLR-F input, balanced XLR-M Loop output, auto resetting AC line circuit breaker, two Neutrik Powercon AC connectors (one main AC in, 1 AC loop out to supply AC power to up to 3 additional QSA 112a speakers).

Constructed from ¾-inch Baltic birch plywood, each QSA cabinet is finished in scratch and scuff resistant paint and features ergonomically placed handles and mechanical hardware which conforms to 10:1 safety factors.

Key Features:
• Completely manufactured in Italy.
• 2 way Bi-Amped powered & processed line array.
• 12-inch B&C high excursion neodymium magnet woofer and three-inch diaphragm HF drivers with 1.7-inch driver exits (voice coil) coupled to three waveguides with 100° H x 5° V dispersion.
• 1100w Class D LF power amplifier + 300w Class G HF power amplifier, 139 dB peak SPL (single cabinet).
• Switch mode power supply
• DSP controller with 8 factory EQ pre-sets to configure the system and 8 delay line settings.
• Cabinet constructed with 18 mm (3/4-inch) 13 ply Baltic birch plywood, which is also internally braced to prevent undesired resonance.
• Cabinet features a scratch & scuff resistant black paint finish.
• Two ergonomically positioned carrying handles and mechanical hardware for suspension with a 10:1 safety factor built into the cabinet.


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