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FaitalPRO Unveils 18HW1070 Heavy-Duty 18-Inch Ferrite Rawframe Subwoofer

Offers a new cast aluminum 8-spoke frame designed to reduce rear reflections as well as enhance structural strength

FaitalPRO has introduced the 18HW1070, a new heavy-duty 18-inch ferrite rawframe subwoofer.

It offers a new cast aluminum, 8-spoke frame designed to reduce rear reflections, as well as enhance structural strength and contain basket weight. The 18HW1070 is equipped with triple demodulation for lower THD, with an inductance reading of 1.68 mH.

With a maximum physical excursion of +/- 30mm, which combined with the Thiele & Small parameters, especially EBP, Vas and BL, make it very well suited for very low tuned, vented cabinets.

Another innovation is in the magnet assembly, which combines two fundamental aspects. The motor’s ability to generate an extremely intense yet very linear magnetic flux helps sustain great acoustic pressure for deeper bass reproduction.

Additionally, a new cooling system controls the working temperature of the 100 mm (4-inch) voice coil and lowers power compression.

The cone is created using a refined mix of synthetic and cellulose fibers, treated according to proprietary techniques. The suspension has been specifically designed to match the dual non-adjacent symmetrical spiders, which, assembled on a custom fixture keeping them 12mm (1/2-inch) apart, guarantee maximum linearity of movement and DC-offset control to the entire moving assembly.


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