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FaitalPRO Unveiling New 18XL2000 Woofer At Prolight + Sound

Incorporates new magnetic circuit specified as capable of handling very high nominal power.

At the 2018 Prolight +Sound show, FaitalPRO is introducing the 18XL2000 woofer with a new magnetic circuit design specified as capable of handling very high nominal power.

Flavio Naggi, commercial director of FaitalPRO, explains, “It stems from a rather particular product philosophy, where we wanted to go beyond the 4-inch dimension of the voice coil and propose a top-of-the-range model. We succeeded because the final result far exceeds all the other products in our catalog, as a driving force, with an efficiency of 97 dB.

“As a result, we’re able to offer a ‘super woofer, ‘a real “cannon” to be connected to high-power amplifiers in double-reflex 18-inch configurations capable of withstanding up to 4 kW of power.”

The magnetic circuit is concentrated on a neodymium cap structure that integrates a perforated pad, a design to deliver greater efficiency of the classic magnet with external ring. Due to the cap, the magnetic force is not dispersed to the outside, with magnetic efficiency remaining at maximum.

“The 4.65-inch voice coil allows us to keep a very high efficiency; even the weight of the neodymium magnet is reduced and therefore the overall weight of the loudspeaker itself is reduced, making it the ideal companion in touring applications,” Naggi says. “We wanted to create a new ‘must,’ an incredible companion for many top-of-the-range applications.”



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