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FaitalPRO Production Facility Implements Large-Scale Solar Power System

Faital adds to its technological profile an ecologically conscious approach

The Chieve plant in the Cremona province of Italy, which hosts manufacturing operations for the entire range of FaitalPRO loudspeakers, recently inaugurated a photovoltaic (solar power) system that provides dramatic energy savings and reduces the company’s footprint.

Initially opened in 1978, the Chieve production plant has continuously been updated, including the installation of highly automated production lines that ensure the accurate reproduction and consistently high quality of the product range.

The Chieve plant roof presented the ideal layout and orientation for the solar panels planned for this project, which is aligned with global policy for energy savings in terms of consumption, designed to cover 40 percent of internal energy requirements.

The new solar system also eliminates the release of almost 111,000 kg of CO2 (carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere per year, projecting out to 2,000 metric tons over the next 20 years.

Flavio Naggi, FaitalPRO-Audio division manager, states: “The system’s installed capacity is 199 KWp with an annual estimated contribution of 210,000 kWh, equivalent to about 40% of the Chieve plant’s current annual consumption.

The system was officially activated the last week of June 2012, with the entire installation completed in just two months. It includes 848 polycrystalline panels (Sovello Pure Power L) of 235 Wp each with a guaranteed output for 25 years and eight eight Delta Solivia 20TL inverters.

Over the past several years Faital has focused on staying ahead of European Union environmental requirements. Continuous studies and implementation of changes and controls are aimed at guaranteeing a lower impact on the environment.


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