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FaitalPRO Introduces “First Wave” Of New Drivers With Ferrite Motors

FaitalPRO has unveiled the first wave of more than 30 new loudspeaker driver models outfitted with Ferrite motors.

“The launch of the new models of professional loudspeakers with Ferrite motors is tied above all to the idea of completing the product catalog with new tonalities, innovative sound, and without eliminating any of the existing neodymium models,” states Flavio Naggi, overseas sales manager for FaitalPRO. “This project is not a trade-in at the cost of quality either; in fact, some speakers actually improve with ferrite, since the magnetic field works in a completely different way, favoring some of the features that, for example, are particularly appreciated in subwoofers.”

12HP1030, 15HP1030 and 18HP1030
New 12-, 15- and 18-inch woofers with maximum power output between 1200 and 2400 watts. All are equipped with two non-adjacent symmetrical spiders with variable height waves for maximum control on the entire excursion even at the highest power levels. Because the dual spiders are actually separated, and thus are not glued with silicon, the meeting of the voice coil at two separate heights/joints guarantees a stronger assembly and very high linearity of movement, which is consistant and without decay over time.

The 12HP1030 withstands 2000 watts maximum power and 1000 watts nominal, 96 dB sensitivity (1W-1m).

The 15HP1030 supports 2000 watts maximum power and 1000 watts nominal, on 8 and 4 Ohms, with 95 dB sensitivity (1W-1m).

The 18HP1030 handles maximum power of 2400 watts, and 1200 watts nominal, as well as 98 dB sensitivity (1W-1m); it offers the most powerful profile, comparable to the neodymium model 18HP1060.

12HP1010, 15HP1010 and 18HP1010
Also new 12-, 15- and 18-inch woofer models for those who need slightly less power. They also utilize the two non-adjacent symmetrical spider design with constant height waves for very well controlled excursion in every condition of use.

The 12HP1010 has a maximum power rating of 1400 watts and 700 watts nominal, 96 dB sensitivity (1W-1m).

The 15HP1010 handles 2000 watts maximum power and 1000 watts nominal, 96 dB sensitivity (1W-1m).

The 18HP1010 takes maximum power of 2000 watts and 1000 watts nominal, 98 dB sensitivity (1W-1m).

12FH510, 15FH510 and 18FH510
New Ferrite versions joining the company’s popular FH Series.

The12FH510 is a mid-woofer of “classic-generic-traditional” cut that could be implemented in a typical 2-way system, paired with a 1-inch driver. Here, special attention was given to frequency response; the already low roll-off spider was improved further so that it works well even without strong electronic filtering in the high range.

The new 15FH510 handles 1000 watts maximum power and 500 watts nominal, with a slightly higher Fs spec compared to the 18 inch model. It is useful in medium-sized subwoofers, line arrays, and is easy to hang given that he magnet assembly is not large in size.

The new 18FH510 is proposed. Even here various novelties on a suspension level (among other things) have been introduced and improving that which, initially, was thought could not be improved.

Today the new 18FH510 takes maximum power of 1200 watts, and 600 watts continuous power, with an Fs value of 30 Hz. It has has a very smooth tone while also packing a greater punch in the lower range in subwoofer configurations.

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“It can be said that even in a very simple configuration the 18FH510 ‘is so powerful that it can bring down the house,’ with a flat response up to 30 Hz,” Naggi adds. “It is excellent even in evolved home theater systems, for those who want a deep bass and in a double configuration in the same box it is really able to ‘do some damage’.”


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