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FaitalPRO HF1440

The HF1440 is the latest FaitalPRO 1.4″ compression driver. Outstanding features make it the “best in class” in its category. It perfectly handles extended frequency ranges at both ends of the scale allowing great versatility in numerous high-power driver applications. The magnet is made of superior grade neodymium and has an innovative geometry making it incredibly powerful. Despite its compact dimensions, it can easily withstand a maximum power of 240 W and can be classified as a large driver.

  • <p>AES power handling 120W (240W Max power)
  • Throat diameter 1.4″ (35.8 mm)
  • Voice coil diameter 3.4″ (86 mm)
  • Sensitivity 109 dB
  • Frequency Range 0.5÷20 kHz
  • Minimum crossover frequency 0.7 kHz
  • Ketone Polymer annular diaphragm

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