FaitalPRO Debuts Three New Ferrite-Based Cone Woofers

FaitalPRO has introduced three new ferrite woofers: the 18-inch 18HW1070, the 12-inch 12FH530, and the 10-inch 10FH530.

The new 18HW1070, dubbed the “high-performance subwoofer,” is outfitted with a 4-inch (100 mm) voice coil. It has a rated nominal power handling specification of 1,600 watts AES, with maximum power handling of 3,200 watts.

“We wanted to create an 18-inch loudspeaker for subwoofer use that would be similar to our 18XL1600 in terms of acoustic characteristics, power, frequency response, Thiele & Small parameters, and so on, but with a ferrite magnet assembly,” explains Flavio Naggi, pro audio division manager for FaitalPRO.

“Once the new woofer completed our testing process, it became evident that the project requirements had been fully confirmed, and in some cases, surpassed expectations,” he continues. “For example, maximum excursion values were superior to the reference model, and the same happened in parameter linearity with large signals.”

The 18HW1070 also incorporates a voice coil cooling circuit that constitutes an evolution of the approach originally adopted in the 18XL1600.

In addition, the cone, composed of a refined mix of synthetic and cellulose fibers, is matched with treated cloth suspensions purposely designed to identically match the dual non-adjacent symmetrical constant height waves spiders.

A new basket design and magnet assembly make the 18HW1070 capable of sustaining great acoustic pressure while reproducing very deep bass.

Meanwhile, the new 12FH530 and 10FH530 are meant for mid-frequency woofer configurations and applications. Declared power ratings for both are 500 watts AES nominal and 1,000 watts peak, and they offer the same ferrite magnet assembly with internal demodulation ring.

The 12FH530 model is an “improvement” of the existing 12FH510, adding the demodulation ring for the correction of harmonic distortion, particularly in the medium frequencies.

The cone and suspension also have a new coating procedure. “It’s a very special process, and as a result, we achieve new characteristics in cone rigidity, so we can point to a real improvement in comparison to current products on the market,” explains Naggi. “This means that the 12FH530 is able to produce a new sound, a different tone, with a more lively presence in the medium frequencies.

“The response curve is softer compared to existing products, preferable when it’s necessary to emphasize the voice of the performer or instruments that operate in this frequency range in an acoustic system,” he adds.

Suggested uses are in 2-way horn-loaded loudspeaker systems or in a front-loaded design in a classic 2-way enclosure with contained volume.

“These are ‘simple’ woofers that do not present specific problems with filtering or matching in any PA system, making them incredibly versatile,” Naggi says.

The 12FH530 is meant for applications where reproduction of the low end reaches 50 Hz, while the10FH530 covers a range down to 65 Hz.


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