FaitalPRO Debuts New FX600 Series At Prolight + Sound

New cone loudspeaker models 12FX600, 15FX600 and 18FX600 offer 700 W of continuous and 1400 maximum AES power.

FaitalPRO officially launches two families of woofers and a compression driver for the professional audio market at Prolight+Sound 2019 in Frankfurt (Hall 8.0, Booth E94).

With 700 W of continuous AES power and 1400 maximum, the new FX600 woofer family is made of three new cone loudspeaker models, 12FX600, 15FX600, 18FX600 of 12, 15 and 18 inches in diameter.

The FX600 Series shares an innovative neodymium ring magnet assembly and an aluminum demodulation ring, designed to work with a specific 3-inch copper ribbon wire voice coil.
The magnet circuit uses a single external demodulation ring to improve flux modulation reduction and provide very low level distortion when driven at high power levels.

The special 3-inch copper ribbon voice coil wire guarantees a higher density in its assembly (from average 78% to 96%), resulting in improved motor strength.

The deep profile curvilinear cones, created from a special high strength waterproof paper pulp, have been designed to achieve linearity within the frequency range.

These new loudspeakers guarantee an even greater acoustic pressure and long-term reliability, thermal power handling, and resistance to aging and fatigue.

The greater sensitivity (97, 98, 99 dB respectively) and EBP of 110Hz suggest many applications. They can be used in reflex direct radiation loudspeakers with large cross-section tuning ports, bandpass configuration or folded transmission lines like Transflex and Tapped Horn.

Flavio Naggi, sales and marketing manager of FaitalPRO, explains: “In the audio-video world “FX” refers to “special effects” and that’s why we chose this name for these series of speakers. They offer high level performance for top of the range applications. An acoustic designer can obtain super high-grade performance and maximum efficiency (2,2-2,4% of total efficiency) for a first-class impact.”

Copper ribbon voice coils make them particularly suitable for low frequency reproduction in woofer and subwoofer configurations.

The 18-inch and 15-inch are conceived as pure subwoofer-woofers with high linearity even in cases of considerable cone excursions. The 12-inch can be described as a mid-woofer with far reaching performances on the low frequency spectrum.

The 12FX600 is particularly effective used in compact line array modules, often combined with a 6-inch midrange, a compression driver and a wave-guide.

It’s also recommended for use in smaller systems and cabinets fitted with a large driver, 1.4-inch voice coil and wave guide. This configuration creates full range modules that reach top level acoustic bass efficiency simply by adding a pure sub.

Of the three models in the series the 12FX600 better responds to horn loading enclosures allowing crossover settings up to 1000/1200 Hz.

The 15FX600 gives excellent results in three-way systems, offering a very good bass punch in medium-high power systems at around 700 W AES. Recommend use is as a pure stand-alone sub cutting the frequency between 400 and 500Hz.

The 18FX600 is a pure band-pass subwoofer designed to meet market demand for high output, capable of providing deep low-end frequencies.

Naggi concludes: “The FX600 woofers are definitely designed to cover wide-ranging, multi-purpose application pro market needs. They sound excellent, have a consistent behavior and very significant acoustic performance even in smaller cabinets.”


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