FaitalPRO Debuts New 3FE20 3-Inch Cone Driver At 2010 InfoComm

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The new FaitalPRO 3FE20 is a full-range 3-inch, 80 mm cone driver offering ample frequency extension and elevated dynamic behavior. It was introduced at the 2010 InfoComm show in Las Vegas.

It is designed for use in the development of column and very small array loudspeakers.

The speaker basket is pressed steel, and an outer ring neodymium magnet assembly offers superior magnetic performance. Total weight is slightly more than 200 grams.

In developing the new 3FE20, FaitalPRO came up with numerous prototypes that underwent thorough testing before arriving at a final product that efficiency of 91 dB.

Further, the 3FE20 voice coil and magnet assembly were completely revised, up to the final version that ensures a nominal impedance of 8 ohm.

Nominal power handling is 20 watts continuous, with maximum peak of 40 watts. The rubber surround ensures waterproofing against adverse weather conditions.

A very compact magnet assembly and a 19mm voice coil operates in tight vicinity of the neodymium ring. This allows reaching a natural demodulation of inductance because the close proximity of the zinc coated neodymium ring produces the effect desired – the reduction of Eddy currents.

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