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FaitalPRO 18FX600

The 18FX600 is FaitalPRO’s latest “Rapid Fire” 18-inch Subwoofer. An innovative neodymium ring magnet assembly along with an aluminum demodulation ring, improves flux modulation reduction and provides very low-level distortion at high power. The copper ribbon wire in the 3” voice coil provides improved motor strength given the higher density (from average 78% to 96%) resulting in better performance than standard voice coils. It guarantees greater acoustic pressure and long-term reliability, thermal power handling, and resistance to aging and fatigue.

  • Maximum Power Handling 1400 W (700 W AES)
  • Voice coil 77 mm (3 in)
  • Total Excursion 45.8 mm (± 22.9 mm)
  • High Bl (23.6 N/A) for great reactivity & control
  • Aluminium demodulation ring for low distortion
  • Frequency range 35÷2500 Hz

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