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Fairlight Appoints Audio Agent To Lead North America Market Dealer Network

Audio Agent is working closely with Fairlight to implement a comprehensive market facing dealer network offering high-level sales and support services

Fairlight has tapped Audio Agent to lead the company’s exclusive dealer network in North America for its post-production, broadcast and recording products.

Audio Agent, a professional audio sales and marketing service, is working closely with Fairlight to implement a comprehensive market facing dealer network to provide customers with high-level sales and support services.

Fairlight’s dealers will be featuring all products from the Fairlight family such as the Constellation, Xynergi, and Pyxis MT.

“Fairlight is the only company in the market offering a next-generation media production workstation. This technology enables improved workflow, system stability and flexibility at a reasonable price. It eliminates many common barriers to get the job done better and faster,” stated Dave Christenson, president of Audio Agent. 

“The essence of the Fairlight Xynergi is you can walk into any post-production studio and convince them this is something that they would prefer using.  It has a low cost of ownership, and it marries sound with true HD picture seamlessly. It’s just beautiful!” added Christenson. 

While exclusive, top tier dealers are being added regularly, including Hollywood Sound Systems, Hollywood, California; RSPE Audio Solutions, Los Angeles, California; KeyCode Media; Studio City, California; Dale Pro Audio, New York, New York; and Advanced Broadcast Solutions; Seattle, Washington.

“No two customers are the same, we believe each deserves custom level care that reflects their needs applications and budgets. Fairlight is delivering a tightly integrated HD workflow solution whilst a lot of other companies have been wasting your time talking about it. Today we couple our strong product set with a similarly strong dealer network and in doing so we resoundingly set Fairlight apart from other cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all, systems that just can’t deliver what they promise,” stated Fairlight CEO John Lancken.

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