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F1 Shanghai Circuit Upgrades With Electro-Voice And Dynacord

Main grandstand equipped with EVH series horn-loaded loudspeakers and IPX multi-channel DSP amplifiers for the World Formula One Championship.

On April 12-14, 2019, the World Formula One Championship (F1) was held in Shanghai. F1 is the highest-level annual series of racing competitions organized by the International Motor Sports Federation (FIA). It is also known as one of the World’s three major sports events, along with the Olympic Games and the World Cup.

F1 events take place throughout the year, and include the organization of each race, teamwork, TV broadcasting and more. The sound reinforcement systems of the venue are another key part of the planning process, as the sound quality directly influences both the audience and the drivers’ race day experiences. Therefore, the Shanghai International Circuit upgraded the existing sound system with a professional solution provided by Electro-Voice and Dynacord.

The main grandstand of the Shanghai International Circuit is 400 meters long and 40.6 meters wide. Stepped from south to north, its height ranges from 2.74 meters to 27 meters. The geographical advantage makes the grandstand the best site in the Shanghai Circuit to watch the race. The long and narrow area of the grandstand accommodates a total of 28,400 seats.

When the world’s top racing cars get ready for the checkered flag, the sound produced by the howling engines is incredibly loud. To complement this extremely loud environment, the main grandstand’s loudspeakers were upgraded to Electro-Voice EVH series. 39 EVH two-way horn-loaded loudspeaker cabinets provide coverage and intelligibility in the reverberant areas, effectively solving the sound reinforcement challenges caused by such events as F1 races.

Behind the scenes, 15 Dynacord IPX series multi-channel DSP amplifiers drive the entire EVH system. Designed for fixed applications, IPX models deliver up to 20,000 watts per unit, reducing the rack space, and are equipped for use with both Dante and OCA.



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