Extron Introduces IP Link Pro Control Processor With Dedicated AV LAN Port

Extron Electronics introduces the IPCP Pro 555, a versatile, IP Link Pro control processor with a dedicated AV LAN port.

It features advanced security standards and dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, which ensure compatibility with multiple TouchLink Pro touchpanels using a standard network infrastructure.

Of the two Ethernet ports, the AV LAN is designated to control local AV devices, and is secure from outside interference or intrusion.

The IPCP Pro 555 can be used with Extron LinkLicense, which further enhances the capabilities of Extron Pro Series control systems. The IPCP Pro 555 is an ideal choice for controlling multiple devices and signal types within AV systems requiring an isolated AV network.

“Extron recognizes that network security is a growing concern for our customers,” says Casey Hall, vice president of sales and marketing for Extron. “While all of our Pro Series control processors use advanced security protocols to safeguard your data, the new IPCP Pro 555 offers the added benefit of a dedicated AV LAN port that further protects the AV network from intrusion and interference.”

The IPCP Pro 555 features a DHCP server for the AV LAN that streamlines system setup and management. It automatically distributes IP addresses and network configuration parameters for the AV devices connected to the local AV LAN. In addition, the AV LAN port permits communications from the Ethernet port for remote management and firmware updates for Extron devices, and restricts other Ethernet traffic.

The IPCP Pro 555 is configured using Extron Global Configurator Plus or Global Configurator Professional, which provide powerful customization options. It is also compatible with GlobalViewer Enterprise software for complete, centralized AV resource monitoring, management, and control over a computer network.

Extron Electronics

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