Extensive Bosch Communications Conferencing System Installed At Brazil Legislative Facility

A new building designed and built for the legislative assembly of Maranhão in São Luis, Brazil, has been fitted with a Bosch Conferencing System comprised of a variety of Bosch product lines, including DCN Concentus with camera control and electronic voting, DCN discussion units, CCS 800 Ultro discussion systems, Integrus, and Plena and Praesideo public address systems.

The system also includes a wide range of sound reinforcement products from Bosch Communications Systems division pro audio brands Electro-Voice, Klark Teknik, and Midas, and was installed by São Luis-based systems integrator FONMART.

The installation features set of 42 DCN Concentus units with camera control and electronic voting. The voting software for the system is custom-made and displays voting results on a large LED panel at the front of the room. A 103-inch Panasonic plasma display situated above the assembly also displays voting results.

The system gives the president the flexibility and convenience of a touch-screen panel, which allows him to turn legislators’ microphones on and off, commence secret or open-ballot voting, send messages to his colleagues, and set speaking times for public speakers.

In addition to voting display, both the 103-inch plasma and LED screens in the assembly hall presents attendance figures for each delegate as well as their individual and total voting results. The LED panel at the front of the room also displays the current speaker, as the DCN camera control activates when a speaker activates his or her microphone.

In the Plenario
Midas Venice 240 mixing console
2 Klark Teknik Square ONE EQ
42 full DCN Concentus units with customized voting software and intercom
Bosch PAG loudspeakers for the public and pressrooms

Midas Venice 240 mixing console
Klark Teknik Square ONE EQ
25 DCN discussion units with Bosch PAG loudspeakers

Midas Venice 320 mixing console
2 Klark Teknik Square ONE EQ
Electro-Voice P3000 power amplifiers
6 Electro-Voice EVID 6.2 surface-mount loudspeakers
5 Electro-Voice Plasma P1 (full-range loudspeaker) & 2 P2 (subwoofers)
Integrus (2 radiators & 50 receivers)

Conference Room (3)
3 CCS 800 systems (nine total units)

Room of Commisoes
12 DCN dual discussion units

Public Address
Midas Venice 160 mixing console
Praesideo (with 620 lbc & 3951 ceiling lsp)

External PA
Midas Venice 160
Klark Teknik Square ONE EQ
6 Electro-Voice ZXA5 powered loudspeakers
6 Tss1s

Mobile PA
Electro-Voice ZX1 full-range loudspeaker & SB2A powered sub
Electro-Voice CP2200 power amplifier
Midas Venice 160 mixing console
Klark Teknik Square ONE EQ

Bosch Communications Website

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