Everything You Wanted to Know about Subwoofers

Discover the evolution, facts, designs and configurations of subwoofers in their quest to deliver the low end of the frequency spectrum with maximum impact and control.

Sub-bass systems have come a long way since their inception in the mid 1900’s. In order to understand how far we have come with our ability to project and control the lower end of the frequency spectrum, we can look back to the origin of the subwoofer, its limitations and the early applications of bass that caught the attention of the public ear.

Chapter 1 of this report is dedicated to bringing readers through the evolution of the subwoofer system,  why we now prefer a full and deep sound in our music and how we achieve this sound without losing control of the mix.

Chapter 2 highlights the design and configuration behind subwoofer systems in order to deliver the appropriate levels of sub-bass for specific audio applications. In this report, we cover a wide variety of subwoofer configurations and their trade-offs, including:

  • Sealed/Acoustic Suspension
  • Bass-Reflex/Ported/Vented
  • Bandpass
  • Horn Loaded
  • Tapped Horn
  • Cardioid
  • Hybrid

And more!

Download this free report to discover everything you wanted to know about subwoofer systems, from their origin, their evolution in design and configurations, and how to control your sub-bass for maximum impact.

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