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Eventide And Newfangled Audio Announce New Plugins For Elevate Bundle 1.5

Bundle offers new Saturate and Punctuate plugins, as well as feature improvements to EQuivocate and Elevate plugins for mixing or mastering.

Eventide and Newfangled Audio announce availability of Elevate Bundle 1.5 with the addition of two new plugins, Saturate and Punctuate, as well as feature improvements to EQuivocate and Elevate itself.

Saturate is a spectral clipper plugin, useful for mixing or mastering. As such, it adds up to 24dB of drive with a variable Clipper Shape parameter that moves from a pleasant soft curve to full hard clipping. Unique spectral processing maintains the tonal balance of the distorted signal, no matter how hard it is pushed. Saturate automatically compensates output level based on the Drive control or, alternatively, allows this to be controlled manually.

Meanwhile, as a transient emphasis plugin, Punctuate is also useful for mixing or mastering. Musically speaking, it offers up to 26 auditory bands of Transient Emphasis or suppression while its unique Adaptive Transient and Adaptive Length controls allow algorithms to tailor each band’s transient shaper to what the listener’s ear wants to hear. Helpfully, customizable parameters for each band also allow users to tweak the result, if needed.

The Elevate Bundle 1.5 update also brings several feature improvements to the original pairing of EQuivocate, an Auditory Graphic EQ based on the critical bands of the human ear, and its Elevate namesake, a unique multi-band limiter, human ear EQ, and audio maximizer first released late last year.

EQuivocate benefits from a new Range feature, allowing users to scale or invert the total dB range for the EQ in order to change the total amount of EQ applied after setting the individual bands. This also allows users to scale the range of the Match EQ before and after it has been set. Additionally, each band benefits from enable buttons to easily turn bands on and off for better workflow with improvements implemented elsewhere also assisting.

Essentially, Elevate adds true peak limiting, preventing final masters from clipping during reproduction and ensuring compatibility with all broadcast standards.

Elevate Bundle 1.5 (comprising the Elevate, EQuivocate, Punctuate, and Saturate AAX/AU/VST plugins for Mac OS X 10.7+ and Windows 7+) is available through Eventide and authorized dealers at a promo price of $139.00 USD through to September 5, 2018 (rising thereafter to a regular price of $199.00 USD). Owners of EQuivocate can upgrade to Elevate Bundle 1.5 for $99.00 USD through to September 5, 2018 (rising thereafter to a regular price of $149.00 USD). Owners of Elevate can upgrade to Elevate Bundle 1.5 for free at anytime.


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