Event Safety Alliance (ESA) Releases Reopening Guide, Available As Free Download

Addresses key issues that event and venue professionals need to consider to protect both patrons and workers.
Event Safety Alliance

The Event Safety Alliance (ESA) has just released The Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide, a free download addressing health and sanitary issues that event and venue professionals need to consider in order to protect both patrons and workers in light of the pandemic. (It’s available here.)

A statement from ESA notes: Since there is still insufficient testing, no contact tracing, and no vaccine against COVID-19, this guidance is particularly detailed. It adds that this first edition is tailored to be especially useful for event professionals reopening the smallest events with the fewest resources available to mitigate their risks, since in every municipal reopening plan these will be allowed to reopen first.

“As a matter of common law, everyone has a duty to behave reasonably under their own circumstances. Consequently, there is no such thing as ‘best’ practices. There are only practices that are reasonable for this venue, this event, this crowd, this time and place, during this pandemic,” states Event Safety Alliance vice president Steven A. Adelman, the head of Adelman Law Group and editor of the guide, explaining how the document applies the legal duty of care. “Because few operational bright lines would make sense, The Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide is designed to help event professionals think through their own circumstances. In the order than one plans an event, the reopening guide looks closely at the health and safety risks involved in reopening public spaces, then proposes risk mitigation measures that are likely to be reasonable under the circumstances of the smaller events and venues that will reopen first.”

The Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide is the product of contributions from more than 300 professionals from all facets of the live event industry, from the smallest to largest producers and the many businesses that work to support them. As it says on the cover, “Please share this Guide – We all want to reopen safely.” Get the free download here.

Event Safety Alliance (ESA)

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