Euphonix Unveils New High Channel Count DF70 DSP SuperCore

Euphonix has announced the introduction of a new DF70 DSP SuperCore for System 5 consoles that require extra large DSP channel counts for music and audio post applications. The DF70 can support over 450 channels @ 48KHz or 220 @ 96 KHz.

The current DF66 DSP SuperCore is the DSP engine of choice for all markets that require no more than 334 channels; it also supports dual DSP SuperCore 100 percent redundancy system for broadcasters and can handle up to six of the same DSP SP663 cards as the DF70.

The DF70 takes things to a whole new level in a larger case that supports up to eight SP663 cards for the highest channel count applications. The DF70 also includes 32 MADI I/O for a total of 2,048 x 2,048 inputs managed by the console’s PatchNet routing software.

“The request for higher channel counts comes primarily from the film mixing community.” explained Euphonix CEO, Martin Kloiber. “Just when you think that 334 channels is enough, we find potential clients who want to take it to the next level so we simply extended the scope of our current DSP SuperCore to handle more cards and more MADI I/O.

“Thanks to the scalability of our architecture and the proven capability of the DF66, this is a logical step for us and provides two different DSP options for our high-end users.”

The DF70 comes with six different mixer models that define different combinations of buses with over 450 channels, up to 64 mix buses, up to 24 aux sends and up to 24 external inputs.

The DF70 ships early in April 2009 with composer Hans Zimmer’s Remote Control Studios in Santa Monica, California taking the first units.

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