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Euphonix Artist Series Media Controllers Supported in Apple’s New Final Cut Studio

Apple integrates Euphonix EuCon control protocol into video applications

Euphonix has announced native support for its Artist Series media controllers in Apple’s new Final Cut Studio.

Apple has integrated Euphonix’ EuCon Ethernet control protocol into its flagship video suite, providing Artist Series users with hands-on control over Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Color and other applications in Final Cut Studio.

Comprised of MC Transport, MC Control, MC Mix, and MC Color, the Euphonix family of Artist Series media controllers offers programmable soft keys, wheels, knobs, faders, trackballs and more to speed up and enhance the way you work with Final Cut Studio.

Featuring portable, slim-line designs, each media controller connects to your Mac via Ethernet and can be used either standalone or connected to additional controllers to create a larger, integrated control surface (up to one MC Transport, one MC Control, one MC Color and four MC Mixes can be connected).

Artist Series media controllers feature EuCon, a high-speed Ethernet control protocol developed by Euphonix that enables simultaneous control of multiple applications like Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Color, Motion, Logic Pro and more – perfect for the Final Cut Studio round-trip workflow.

All controls, displays and programmable soft keys automatically switch to match the application in focus, and everything from transitions and titles to effects favorites can easily be assigned to these soft keys, letting you concentrate more on the creative process and less on repetitive tasks.

EuCon even enables you to switch between and control multiple Macs on your network, automatically forwarding media controller, keyboard and mouse commands to control the second workstation.

Euphonix has worked closely with the world’s leading software developers like Apple, Steinberg, MOTU and others to deeply integrate native EuCon support into their media applications to provide high-resolution, high-speed control over almost all software functions for an unmatched editing and mixing experience.

EuCon also supports the HUI and Mackie Control protocols for even greater flexibility, offering control of applications like Pro Tools at a faster speed and higher resolution than any other controller.

MC Transport
MC Transport is the latest addition to Euphonix’ award-winning line of Artist Series media controllers. From its ultra-high resolution optical jog wheel and shuttle ring to ergonomic transport controls, programmable soft keys and integrated numeric keypad, MC Transport provides you with one-handed access to almost every facet of your Final Cut Pro project for an unmatched editing experience. MC Transport will be available in August 2009 at an estimated street price of $399.99.

* Weighted, optically encoded jog wheel and shuttle ring
* 7 ergonomic transport/navigation keys with multi-color status LEDs
* 6 programmable soft keys
* Numeric keypad for time code/marker navigation

MC Control
MC Control includes a customizable high-resolution touch-screen interface, jog/shuttle wheel to quickly navigate through projects, and four motorized faders and eight knobs to quickly set audio levels and panning. The touch-screen interface provides Soft Keys for the most commonly used Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro and Motion keyboard shortcuts, but can also be programmed to trigger any favorite, function or macro command. The touch-screen Soft Keys automatically load as each Final Cut Studio application is selected. MC Control is available at authorized Euphonix retailers at an estimated street price of $1,499.99.

* Pre-programmed touch-screen Soft Keys for Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Motion, Logic Pro and other media applications
* Soft Key editor programs custom Soft Keys for any function or macro command
* Touch-screen surround panner for Soundtrack Pro
* Jog/shuttle/zoom wheel and transport controls
* 4 touch-sensitive motorized faders
* 8 touch-sensitive rotary encoders

MC Mix
Featuring eight touch-sensitive faders and knobs in a small footprint, MC Mix allows you to quickly navigate your project’s audio tracks, solo and mute tracks and adjust clip levels, automation and panning with clear metering and info displays in Final Cut Pro or Soundtrack Pro. For larger projects, you can connect multiple Artist Series media controllers for up to 36 faders. MC Mix is available at authorized Euphonix retailers at an estimated street price of $999.99.

* 8 high-resolution OLED displays for metering, panning info and track names
* 8 touch-sensitive motorized faders
* 8 touch-sensitive rotary encoders

MC Color
The new MC Color offers unmatched control and integration with Apple’s Color 1.5, providing colorists with high-resolution trackballs, trackwheels, touch-sensitive encoders and a host of programmable keys at a breakthrough price. The compact MC Color attaches to your Mac via Ethernet, and can be used as a standalone color grader, or together with other Euphonix media controllers to build a larger, integrated video editing control surface. MC Color will be available at authorized Euphonix retailers in Fall 2009.

* 6 high-resolution OLED displays show parameter names and values
* 3 high-resolution, optical trackballs for modifying color values and vignettes – center trackball can also be used as a mouse cursor
* 3 high-resolution, optical trackwheels for controlling brightness, vignettes and pan and scan
* 6 touch-sensitive rotary encoders for adjusting parameters like key blur, saturation, lift, gamma, gain and more
* Comprehensive transport and navigation controls

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