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Euphonix Announces Record Sales For Q4; Planning Move To New Headquarters

Euphonix credits widespread acceptance of the EuCon protocol by many other audio manufacturers with helping sales

Euphonix announced that its professional products division had continued strong sales in Q4, with the company posting its best annual revenues for over 10 years.

Key sales included multiple dual-operator System 5 film mixing systems to Todd-AO Hollywood, as well as individual System 5 orders for Japan’s Shochiku Pictures and TV Audio Post house, Yomiuri Eizo. Broadcast consoles sales were also strong with orders from CBC-Vancouver and Zhejiang TV in China as well as from both Univision and Telemundo in Puerto Rico.

Euphonix CEO, Martin Kloiber, is delighted with the results, “In a period of difficult economic times, it is refreshing to see that, as a brand, Euphonix has managed to satisfy a growing need for professional mixing consoles and controllers of the highest quality. Adjustments in our sales and service structure implemented before the economic downturn are now paying off and are directly responsible for our current strong market position.

“As always our customer service is very highly rated and our sales team enjoys new efficiencies that greatly improve the sales experience. It is a very rewarding moment when the years of collective effort break open market barriers in a way that EuCon has for Euphonix.”

Euphonix credits widespread acceptance of the EuCon protocol by many other audio manufacturers with helping sales. “Each time a new manufacturer, such as Mark of the Unicorn (MOTU) or Metric Halo, adopts EuCon the value of each client’s investment in our production solutions increases. Many clients are initially exposed to EuCon as a result of our Artist Series media controllers’ success,” added Kloiber, “we now see that exposure transitions to much wider application support within our professional line which also uses EuCon control.”

In order to build on its success, Euphonix also announced today that the Company has signed a lease on a new corporate headquarters, engineering, and manufacturing facility located in the Silicon Valley town of Mountain View, CA.

The new facility is significantly greener that the former location and it provides a much needed increase in the amount of space for operations. The move is expected to take place in May.

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