Energy Transformation Systems Introduces Analog/Digital Audio Rebalancer

Energy Transformation Systems has introduced the Rebalancer (PA819), a passive self-contained digital audio problem solver.

If you have trouble with hum, buzz or a higher than normal noise floor, this could be due to twisted pairs which are unbalanced or even ‘”slightly” unbalanced. The Rebalancer (PA819) resolves many of these issues.

A badly balanced input signal emerges from the other side as an improved, balanced signal, improved common mode rejection, lower noise and lower EMI/RFI.

Many classic old devices (limiters, compressors etc.) have poorly balanced inputs or outputs. A Rebalancer solves most noise problems.

The Rebalancer passes digital audio signals. Although digital devices are much less prone to noise problems, usually not heard, it affects the clock recovery and conversion of the digital signal back to analog.

The Rebalancer (PA819) balances signals into a true balanced-line performance.

Energy Transformation Systems

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