Emmy-Winning Camera Operator George Prince III Utilizing Point Source Audio

Employs CM-i5 intercom headset for communication with directors and production personnel on on comms lines.
Point Source Audio
George Prince III wearing his Point Source Audio CM-i5 headset.

Emmy Award-winning camera operator George Prince III, with credits that include the Academy Awards, American Idol, the Super Bowl and more, utilizes a Point Source Audio CM-i5 in-ear intercom headset to help ensure clear onsite communications.

“When I first became a camera operator, an engineer gave me a headset and said, ‘Don’t lose it, it’s like a plumber showing up without a wrench.’ That stuck with me, so I have always had my own headset,” explains Prince. He adds that while initially owning his own equipment was largely due to good practice, this choice has become more important in the current climate: “The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted that you should have your own headset for hygiene and personal safety reasons.”

Prince sampled several different options before selecting the CM-i5, citing several reasons for his choice: “I looked at a variety of low-profile headsets, but I found that changing the in-ears was easiest with CM-i5. Other factors, such as its lightweight design and the small microphone were also important for me.

“It’s not bulky and the low-profile design means that it doesn’t feel like you’ve had a clamp on your head after a long day of filming,” he concludes. “The isolation the in-ears provide means that the headset works really well in loud environments such as the music shows, awards shows, or sporting events I’ve worked on.”

Point Source Audio

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