Eminence Releases New TOUR GRADE Line Of Loudspeakers

New line extends product offerings with 18-inch Ferrite magnet FSW4018-8 and Neodymium magnet NSW4018-8, along with Neodymium magnet 21-inch NSW6021-6.
Eminence TOUR GRADE series of professional woofers.

The new TOUR GRADE family of loudspeakers from Eminence consists of two 18-inch options, including the Ferrite magnet FSW4018-8, the Neodymium magnet NSW4018-8, and the Neodymium magnet 21-inch NSW6021-6.

Chris Rose, president of Eminence, explains that the new line was developed over the past 2 years to support the growth of professional audio. Touring Sound professionals want to move more air, more efficiently without failures in a wide range of applications and venues.

“Each detail of the Tour Grade range was designed in the USA to be strong, durable and achieving unrivaled performance. The series includes beautifully crafted road worthy baskets, strong motors, and designs built by hand in Eminence, Kentucky by our best loudspeaker assembly technicians,” says Rose.

Senior design engineer, Matt Marcum explains,“These products were designed from a clean sheet of paper using American ingenuity with the intent of there being no compromises. This resulted in new products with unsurpassed reliability and best in class performance. If you make a living re-creating sound, you need these tools. Anything less could literally be playing with fire. Look at the NSW6021-6.It’s 6-inch voice coil handles more power and boasts a cleaner stroke than any other 21-inch pro sound option in the world.”

“Each speaker in the TOUR GRADE line features a true double spider rather than a silicone sandwich to ensure it produces unparalleled linear throw,” according to Jerry McNutt, product design manager. McNutt also notes that,“Each speaker in the series features a super strong X5 pulp material – a new USA developed technology.”

“The cones and dust caps are designed strong, light, and water resistant. We worked with our American Cone vendor to find the exact X5 pulps and treatment combinations to provide superior sonics, long-term durability, and water resistance so the show can go on in any kind of weather.”

The new TOUR GRADE loudspeakers are now available for purchase online or from an authorized Eminence distributor or dealer.


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