Electro-Voice Unveils EVA (Expandable Vertical Array) Loudspeakers For Installed Sound Applications

Electro-Voice has introduced the EVA (Expandable Vertical Array) series of loudspeakers for installed sound, a debut that came at 2009 InfoComm in Orlando.

Part of the EV-Innovation (EV-I) family, EVA offers the benefits of concert line arrays in a new, simpler format.

EVA modules can quickly and easily be assembled into full-bandwidth line arrays with well-defined coverage, without the rigging and drive complexities of conventional concert line array products.

EVA is a modular system, with four two-way models available to provide a range of coverage patterns from 90 degrees by 6 degrees to 120 degrees by 20 degrees. The units may be assembled in various configurations to provide the required coverage.

The EVA series uses advanced transducer and crossover techniques to provide surprising low-frequency response without compromising midrange quality. In many EVA applications, subwoofers will not be required to provide a full musical experience.

EVA modules use passive crossovers and have 16-ohm impedances. Thus, a complete two-channel EVA system can be driven by a single two-channel amplifier of sufficient output.

The EVA loudspeaker model is designated EVA-2082S. It has four versions to provide a choice of directivity characteristics:
• EVA-2082S/906—90 degrees (h) x 6 degrees (v)
• EVA-2082S/920—90 degrees (h) x 20 degrees (v)
• EVA-2082S/126—120 degrees (h) x 6 degrees (v)
• EVA-2082S/1220—120 degrees (h) x 20 degrees (v)

The two vertical coverage angles (6 degrees and 20 degrees) can be combined to create line arrays optimized for spaces ranging from 12 meters (40 feet) to more than 60 meters (200 feet) deep. The two horizontal coverage options (90 degrees and 120 degrees) provide a match for any space.

Each module contains two EVS2008 8-inch woofers and four DH2005 1.25-inch high-frequency compression drivers on proprietary Hydra plane wave generators. The loudspeakers are arranged in two sets, with a slight inclination angle between sets. This angle is engineered to provide optimum vertical wavefront shape for EVA arrays.

EVA rigging uses simple and attractive coupling plates to join modules. The resulting array is smooth-sided and unobtrusive. There are no box angle adjustments.

Each module contains a complex and sophisticated passive crossover network that eliminates the need for loudspeaker DSP and multiple amplifier channels. Six EVA modules can be operated in parallel from a single amplifier channel capable of driving 2.7 Ohm nominal impedance (e.g. EV CPS 2.12).

Each module has switchable frequency-shading and attenuation options that are used to adjust the array uniform audience coverage. For each installation, the array design, including module switch settings, is done using EVADA (EVA Design Assistant) software, an easy to use array modeling program downloadable from www.electrovoice.com.

Key features:
• True line array performance with EV’s patented Hydra plane wave generator
• Easy and quick to configure and install
• Aesthetically pleasing with internal hidden rigging
• Two vertical and two horizontal patterns for flexible designs
• Very high maximum SPL output capability with extremely low distortion level
• Sophisticated internal passive network system
• Designed for single amp channel drive
• Available in black or white in one of three versions: EVCoat (interior use), PI (indirect weather exposure), and FG (fiberglass – direct exposure)

Electro-Voice Website

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