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Dynacord IPX series-driven Electro-Voice EVF loudspeakers in place at Maryville Christian High School in Illinois.

Electro-Voice & Dynacord Team Up In Sonic Upgrades At Two Illinois High Schools

New football field, gymnasium and commons area systems implemented by integrator Output Unlimited incorporate EVF, EVID loudspeakers and more, all driven by IPX and C series amplifiers.

Two recent system projects at high schools in Illinois implemented by Alton, IL-based integration firm Output Unlimited incorporate a range of Electro-Voice loudspeakers driven by Dynacord power amplifiers.

“With the restrictions on festivals and live events, we’re very thankful to be installing new systems for regional customers,” says company president Tracy Bodenbach. “We love the fact that EV and Dynacord not only provide outstanding products, but also offer the in-house design support to validate our system specifications in line with the customer’s budget and performance requirements. This means we can deliver consistently outstanding results.”

The first project, at Maryville (Illinois) Christian High School, saw Output Unlimited deploy new systems for the gymnasium as well as for a large open commons area. The gymnasium is outfitted with ceiling-mounted EVF1122D/96 two-way loudspeakers in rows of three to serve the bleachers on either side plus a down-firing center row to cover the basketball court, all joined by six EVF-2151D subwoofers. Dynacord IPX5:4 DSP amplifiers deliver the audio power, equipped with performance-optimizing loudspeaker presets.

Meanwhile, the commons area is served by a distribution of 12 EVID P6.2W two-way pendant loudspeakers powered by a single Dynacord C1300FDi amplifier. “The quality of sound that Output Unlimited provided far surpassed my expectations,” says Maryville school administrator Chad Laughlin.

Meanwhile, the second project is a new weatherized system at the football stadium at Cahokia (Illinois) High School that covers seating on both sides of the field with just three loudspeakers, including two Sx600PIX two-way models for the bleachers and a Sx300PIX two-way for the concessions area, all strategically mounted on a single pole. These are fortified with EVF-2151D subwoofers under the stands, all driven by Dynacord C series amplifiers.

“When I heard the final system, I was blown away,” concludes Alan Holtgrewe, instructional coach/technologist for Cahokia High School. “That single-pole EV system disperses some of the cleanest, most well-balanced and intelligible sound I have heard in stadium systems.”

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