Elation’s Wireless Event Cylinder Offers Unlimited Design Possibilities

From modular chandeliers to glowing columns of light, the Event Cylinder from Elation Professional will inspire lighting professionals to take their designs to new creative realms.

A battery-powered RGB LED fixture, the Event Cylinder is a one-foot-diameter (304 mm) transparent tubular-shaped color-changing unit whose uses are limited only by the imagination.

For example; string a row of these attractive colorful spools around a stage or pavilion for an exotic lantern-style effect; place them on the ground to create a lighted sidewalk or runway; use them on a table as a centerpiece, or near a wall for uplighting; or stack them on top of one another to build a pillar-type structure.

Wherever it goes, the Event Cylinder will bring color and excitement – and it can go just about anywhere.  This versatile fixture is battery powered and wirelessly controlled, so you never have to worry about the availability of electrical outlets or running DMX cable. Plus with an IP65 rating, the compact, lightweight unit can withstand any type of weather, so it’s ideal for outdoor applications such as concerts, pool parties and store openings.

When fully charged, the Event Cylinder’s battery will last 12 hours, so it can be run all night (or day) long.  Then the battery can be re-charged and ready to go again in 6 hours.

“The Event Cylinder is a highly original LED fixture that offers endless design possibilities,” said Eric Loader, director of sales for Elation Professional. “Not only do its cylindrical shape and transparent case make it a unique color-changing effect that can be used so many different ways, but it’s also battery-powered, wirelessly-controlled and outdoor-rated so you can take it anywhere.

“This compact fixture can be set up and taken down in no time, it’s easy to transport and it takes up very little space in a truck.”

Designed by Port Lighting Systems and built by Elation, the innovative Event Cylinder is the product of two years of diligent research and development.

“Elation is committed to constantly giving our customers fresh, new design tools to work with, and the Event Cylinder is a perfect example,” Loader adds. “Our customers have already used it at events ranging from a beach party to a corporate banquet, and we look forward to hearing about all the creative new design applications they will find for it.”

The Event Cylinder is available in two control-type versions: Wireless DMX; and RF with Wireless Remote included. The 13-watt Wireless DMX model (Event Cylinder DMX) is powered by 72 x Tri-Color RGB LEDS.  The 10-watt RF Model (Event Cylinder RF) contains 48 x Tri-Color RGB LEDs.

The units’ Tri-Color LED Technology allows RGB color-mixing to be done inside each individual lamp, providing much smoother blended colors and eliminating the red, green and blue shadows often associated with single color LEDs.

The Wireless DMX version of the Event Cylinder can be operated in 4 different DMX modes: 1, 3, 4 and 6 channels. Additionally, both models feature Sound Active and Master-Slave Modes.

Both versions of the Event Cylinder measure 12”L x 12”W x 7.25”H /304 x 304 x 183 mm, and weigh 7.25 lbs. / 3.2 kg

Elation Professional

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