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EAW Unveils Whole System Approach To Sound Reinforcement

“While great on their own, the KF740 and SB2001 are given a particular chance to shine when paired together in a live tour setting." - Nathan Butler, EAW

EAW is continuing to make advancements in creating definitive sound reinforcement solutions, exemplified by the KF740 three-way full-range line array module, which can be teamed with SB2001 subwoofers, UX8800 digital signal processors, and more recently, two industry leading amplifier brands, Lab.gruppen and Powersoft, and topped with proprietary EAW Focusing and Resolution simulation software.

The KF740 line array system is optimized for the widest possible range of touring and installation applications. The symmetrical design, large horn and spaced woofers provide exceptional pattern control, while EAW Focusing™ and EAW Resolution software further enhance system performance.

The KF740 delivers the premium, high output, three-way performance that is the hallmark of the KF series in an extremely compact and easy-to-use package. Dual 62-mm voice coil HF compression drivers and dual 8-inch Concentric Summation Array (CSA) loaded MF transducers are integrated through a common horn that occupies the entire face of the enclosure.

The pattern control offered by this configuration is extended even further (down to 160 Hz) as the MF devices are transitioned to a spaced array of four 2.5-inch voice coil 10-inch woofers.

The pair of LF devices integrated within the MF/HF horn combined with the pair of side-mounted devices provides as much as 18 dB of off-axis rejection. The EAW Focused processing delivered via the UX8800 DSP precisely transitions from one system subsection to another while maintaining nearly perfect 90-degree control.

To further emphasize their dedication to a full-system approach, EAW forged a strategic partnership with Lab.gruppen and Powersoft, whereby all manufacturers will integrate EAW DSP algorithms into a subset of their respective product lines. The integration of EAW DSP algorithms into a subset of Lab.gruppen and Powersoft gear, ensures optimum performance of EAW loudspeaker systems when matched with products from these two companies.

The small SB2001, a perfect complement to the KF740, combines otherworldly air-moving capability with the application flexibility of the legendary SB1000. The unique configuration of dual high displacement 21-inch woofers allows for the integration of a low turbulence port within a surprisingly compact footprint.

The enclosure design additionally integrates sixteen 3/8-16 suspension points for installation applications and is fully prepped and ready to receive the user installable quick release rigging kit accessory for touring applications. This next generation workhorse offers more low frequency extension, greater output capability and displaces over two times more air than its celebrated brethren.

Resolution is a powerful and easy-to-use simulation software. Driven by EAW’s proprietary FChart acoustics modeling software, Resolution offers significant enhancements by utilizing measured 3D acoustic data to accurately predict performance within a specified venue. It allows users the ability to calculate the mechanical load of the array along with the acoustic interactions that occur with a multiple array setup. Environmental conditions, such as user-defined temperature and humidity, can also be factored into the calculations.

Further, real-time mechanical analysis is done on each loudspeaker enclosure and flybar to precisely display force limitations based upon the user-entered mechanical design factor. Arrays of EAW loudspeakers can be entered manually or created with embedded auto designer.

“EAW has consistently been the loudspeaker of choice for top rental companies and live sound engineers worldwide, and our current product range surpasses even the most demanding expectations,” state Nathan Butler, EAW principal engineer. “While great on their own, the KF740 and SB2001 are given a particular chance to shine when paired together in a live tour setting. And Resolution is a truly revolutionary software technology, giving engineers a true insight into the sound in any venue. As touring season approaches, we look forward to again being the go-to loudspeaker for touring companies and top-draw events.”

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